zooz jewlery is the coolest

I know I already mentioned their amazing store in my last post, but they really are the best. Here's just a peek at their other things:
(all photos credit zoozjewelry)


See what I mean? These would make awesome Christmas presents for a certain ::ahem:: someone.

Hello? Anyone there? Hello? Anyone?



etsy, words can't explain just how neat you are

The one problem with Etsy is just how addictive it is. Seriously, if you spend too much time there you end up hearing yourself say things like, "Oh, $8o isn't THAT bad for a purse." "Sweet! That ring is only 3o bucks!"


But, Etsy never disappoints because you find stuff like this:
(picture and shop credits: whitneydeal, ekaa, fortandfield, and zoozjewelry


My April Snow GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

My April Snow GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

Ooo, pretty. Don't you think so?

As always Grosgrain is holding another amazing giveaway, this time from My April Snow. Check it out!