greenfinch shrug

CO 83 stitches and work Stockinette stitch for 3/4 inch. On next purl row:
knit 2, purl 10, YO, pm, purl 1, YO, purl 14, YO, pm, purl 1, YO, purl 28, YO, pm, purl 1, YO, purl 14, YO, pm, purl 1, YO, purl 10, knit 2.
Next row: knit
next row: knit 2, purl to first marker, YO, slip marker, purl 1, Yo continue from bold across until last 2 stitches then knit 2.
Continue last two rows until work between first and second markers are 1 1/2 inches shorter across than the circumference of you upper arm. (for me, when i continue until it is the same length as the circumference of my arm it turns out way too big.) then, continue as follows.
Knit 2, purl to first marker, slip stitches in between first and second markers on scrap yarn. purl across to third marker and slip stitches in between third and fourth marker on scrap yarn.
Back and front finishing
continue in stockinette (but don not forget to knit those pesky first and last two stitches) until 5 1/2 inches long. then knit 1 purl 1 rib for 1 1/2 inches. BO
work stockinette for 5 rows and then switch to ribbing for another inch. BO and seam up sides. put it on and then tell everyone you meet you knocked this off for a fraction of the price.


fashion of the moment

You know how in every magazine and store we're told that every trend is "new and original?" Well, it really isn't. It has been done before, would you like me to show you?

Let's start here:

Now this is obviously 5os, you can tell by the full skirt and wrap top--both very popular.

Here we have the early 6os--the Sabrina neckline and slim details, even her hair is late 6os.

Okay, so here we have...7os. Do I really need to explain?

Now this is just ugly... Urm I mean, 8os, down to the short bubble skirt to the color.

See isn't this fun? All of these dresses by the way are from Nordstrom.com


I guess after several posts I may need to introduce myself, right?
So anyways, I’m Kathryn, I live in Virginia, and I happen to love any vintage style, especially the 4os, 5os and early 6os. I started this blog to hopefully to inspire you or at least help you find some other interesting places you might start frequenting. The whole purpose is mostly just a public journal of my findings, and accomplishments, so I hope you enjoy!

Hopefully this is what I’ll be bringing to the table::
Sewing projects
Some tutorials (not that I actually know what I’m doing most of the time, but I can at least share what I’ve learned)
Hair tutorials
Product reviews
Knitting projects and reviews
Vintage inspiration

So as you can see it’s a mish mash of creative outlets. Hope you enjoy this as much as I will!

P.S. See that picture over there? That’s not current.




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Isn't this dress drop dead gorgeous? Some serious inspiration there! Grosgrain is hosting a fabulous contest for one of these dresses and you should really check her and the contest out at Grosgrain.blogspot.com. You can also check out Shabby Apple here.



Don't you wish you could sleep this comfortably and soundly?

hairstyles a plenty

I love YouTube, it's just so easy to find videos on new hairstyles and techniques! There are several channels I always head to when I need help with a style, or at least to inspire me with new ideas.

(Pursebuzz Classic Hair)

(LisaFreemontStreet Pinup Hairstyle-Pearl Frush Inspired Victory Roll)

(LisFreemontStreet Pinup Hairstyle-Vargas Inspired Hairdo-Easy!)

(Hair Tutorial: Beachy Waves w/ Flat Iron)



Have you heard of anthropologie? Here's just a glimpse at the wonderful items they have!