Happy Thanksgiving!

       I hope y'all have an awesome holiday! Eat as much as you like--Thanksgiving calories don't count.
(photo from Emerson Merrick on flickr)


hello, toast

 Why must you be so expensive?

I guess with prices like 239US dollars for that lovely dress, and the same price or those too cute shoes, Toast clothing and I will maintain a long distance friendship.



"refined sugar free--gluten free--wheat free--soy-free--casien free--egg free--vegan--kosher"

If they have any more "frees" they'll be baking styrofoam.

Recently I've really been into gluten-free baking (by the way, the gf Betty Crocker brownie and cookies mixes are AMAZING) and I've had an interest in vegan baking too. While I was at Barnes and Noble yesterday, I happened upon the Babycakes cookbook.

Do you know what this means? A trip to NYC is what it means.

Luckily, they've got their cookbook, which is filled with delectable treats anyone can appreciate. The owner, Erin Mckenna was on Martha Stewart and has the videos on her website's blog

Second chance

You know, Michaels has never been my choice craft-store.

In fact, I always go screaming away from it.

But you know, this is pretty neat:

Dare I say pretty?

I think along with the sweater ornaments (they're coming!) pipe cleaner garlands might just decorate my room this holiday season.

(image from Design*Sponge--the coolest decorating blog out there.)


oh boy

Going into Anthropologie online is a dangerous thing. All sorts of lovely things to make you wish you had gobs of money to buy everything in the store. Then, like Etsy, you start thinking that two hundred dollars for a skirt isn't really all that bad.

Oh dear.

Lucky for you however, I will just include one picture from Anthropologie:

Hopefully with the sweater I bought at the thriftstore I can make this happen.