olive wheeler

I was browsing Ravelry tonight and happened upon this interview.

Doesn't she sound absolutely amazing? I can't even imagine what it would be like to grow up in such a different time in history.


Necessities for fall:

pair of jeans for layering,

Comfy sweater to dress up or down,

Dress for warmer fall days,

black tights for layering and for warmth on cooler days,


autumn is upon us

What reminds you of fall?


triple chocolate layer cake

Oh boy. I was browsing How to Eat A Cupcake today, and I saw she had posted this cake recipe. Long story short, I'm now making it for tomorrow night. No special reason really, but from what it sounds like this cake alone is cause for a special occasion. I'm going to be baking the cake layers tonight, so I'll keep you updated through the whole process like I did last week,(that was seriously a week ago? Yikes.)

3:31 pm:: Off to bake the layers.

4:30 pm:: Actually just getting started on the baking--I get distracted okay!

5:00 pm:: All done baking now for the day, I tied a bit of the cake, but I'm not letting you know what I think until it's all complete. Tomorrow we start the frosting!

9.25.09 12:22 pm:: Going to make the filling right now. Wish me luck!

12:59 pm :: all finished with the filling; it seems a little on the thin side right now, but we'll see what happens tonight.

3:20 pm:: Making the chocolate outside. We're getting closer!

3:42 pm:: all done with the chocolate. Now only to decorate it...

5:02pm :: My masterpiece is finished. oh, and you know how I said it's a triple chocolate cake? Well, that's for amateurs--mine is a five chocolate cake.

what if he's got a whole bunch of them?

Monty Python has some hilarious sketches, especially when it comes to defending yourself against fruit, see it for yourself:



(image discovered at nikilynn on flickr)
12:07am:: it's my birthday! now off to bed to dream about cake and today's adventures.

9:22am:: woke up, opened my door and bunch of balloons sailed into my room. so pretty!

11:15am:: a bit disappointed; i went to take a polaroid of the balloons on my room only to find out i don't have any more film in the camera. :( oh well, they's always christmas.

11:24am:: received two birthday cards; one from scholar's online, and one from papa and pat. i love birthdays.

12:04pm:: panera here we come!

5:13pm:: just got back from an awesome day of shopping--black skinny jeans, grey dress, black jacket, and cowl-neck sweater. blog post on goodies coming soon!

6:02pm:: finished putting together my cake, it looks just lovely if i do say so myself. (pictures promised!)

6:50:: heading to irish dance class. cupcakes were promised.

9:17pm:: out of irish dance. the person who promised cupcakes was sick, so she didn't come, but the class and people there were great--totally worth going!

9:40pm:: get home and was greeted by valerie! two cakes and presents are coming...

11:00:: presents were opened, (blog post coming!) cake was devoured, and balloon animals are being made. sweet.

11:59:: savoring the last minute of my birthday. it would be amazing if every birthday could be this amazing.


festivities ahead

(my cake guts--pumpkin chocolate cake and cream cheese cinnamon frosting)

tomorrow's my birthday! in honor of the day's events, i'm planning on updating throughout the day--live-blogging to an extent. hopefully it'll all work out. the best part is that i get to blog about every little bit of the day, and this here blog gets updated--super!

sin the meantime i thought i'd tell you all the plans: rebecca, kristen, mom and i are all heading to panera for an early lunch and then off to shopping (always my go-to for birthday plans.) then, my other sister, valerie, is coming in from north carolina! i'm so excited, i haven't seen her since the very beginning of august, so we've got lots to catch up on. since valerie isn't going to be here for the initial celebration, we're all heading out to the williamsburg outlets on saturday. tons of pictures, money spending, and laughter ahead!


i give up

Ladies and gentlemen, it had now become clear to me that no one will ever be able to rid the world of horrendous items. No hope remains. Pack it up What Not to Wear, you're fighting a loosing battle.


You know what bothers me about these? Instead of offering a footless pair of colored support hose and having you pair it with the flip-flops in your own hopeless ways, it offers them together like that's a normal thing. Like a personal service, "Oh, now I can color coordinate my hose with my flip-flops, thanks Sanuk! It's always been a bother before!"

If this is where fashion is headed, kill me now.

Oh! To make you feel good about this purchase Sanuk has made them vegan. I guess just in case you had any doubts this means you can shop with a clear conscience. Super.