i-can't-believe-this-is-sugar-free hot chocolate


So, here's what you'll need to start:
Agave nectar, vanilla, instant coffee, cocoa, and milk (which I totally forgot to photograph.)

Before I heard of Babycakes NYC, I had absolutely no idea what Agave nectar was. I still can't explain it very well, so I'll let Wikipedia tell you: "Agave nectar (also called agave syrup) is a sweetener commercially produced in Mexico from several species of agave, including the Blue Agave (Agave tequilana), Salmiana Agave (Agave salmiana), Green Agave, Grey Agave, Thorny Agave, and Rainbow Agave.[1][2] Agave nectar is sweeter than honey, though less viscous."

Agave nectar is low glycemic, so it's great for diabetics. Also, it's sweeter than sugar so you can use less sweetener in your recipes. It dissolves very quickly in both hot and cold beverages. Most recipes call for light agave nectar, but you can also buy dark.

So, ready to start? Let's go!


  First, heat a cup of milk over the stove on low heat. While this heats up, make the chocolate syrup:

 In a small bowl, combine two tablespoons of cocoa powder, 1-2 tablespoons of Agave nectar (depends on how sweet you like your hot chocolate,) a pinch of instant coffee, and a splash of vanilla. Stir until smooth.

Over the stove, stir the syrup into the milk until totally combined. Pour into a mug and enjoy!


  1. oh, I forgot about the new tiles! They look good.

    I'll have to try the lovely recipe. You've presented it so nicely!

  2. Hot cocoa doesn't count as dessert, right? I sure hope so.

    What about muffins?