spring wishes--again.

 ::I know, I know, this was supposed to be a post about hot chocolate. That's coming tonight. I promise!::

It snowed here. Again. I'm sorry but isn't it March? Funny I thought spring started around this time. Silly me.

Anyways, the foul weather hasn't stopped me from more springtime wardrobe planning. Here are my latest ideas:
 A cheery nail polish that will brighten up even the cloudiest day. I love the color--so fifties!

Black espadrilles for those days where you need some effortless but stylish shoes. I never really paid attention to them before, but I think they could really make an outfit.

 A cute skirt to dress up or down. I would prefer a floral (duh,) but I couldn't find one that looked more fifties than eighties.


Some days you just need something to throw on, but you still want to look cute. Dresses are absolutely perfect for that. Throw it on and you look like you spent a lot of time on your outfit, but no one knows you rolled out of bed five minutes ago. Plus, dresses are the best thing for extremely hot days. Not like we'll have those here though...::sigh::

Now for my laugh-at-myself-later picks. I LOVE owls. Seriously. But any necklace (owls or not) can really dress up and outfit and make it look like you put a lot more effort into it. Just like a dress.

Now, I know these are slightly ridiculous, but I like them. The only problem (this might be a blessing, actually) is that I can't find a cheap alternative to these blue ray bans. I just don't want to spend 100 dollars on a pair of sunglasses. That's besides the fact that I have no money.

So, those are my picks. Now if the weather would cooperate, I could just start wearing all of this.

(image sources: sally beauty supply, china glaze, espadrillesetc.com, nordstrom, forever 21, altrec.com)


  1. The Target at Edinburgh has Ray Ban knock offs in a variety of crazy colors.

  2. Oh really? Thanks! I'll have to check that out. Target seems to have everything.

    And hi :)